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The Path

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Photo © 2004 Leslie Bridger

Open the gate and walk the path. It truly is a joyous experience. You get to choose any path you wish. You also have the ability to determine what the path will look and feel like. Where the path will lead and how fast you move along the path ‐ all your choice.

Would you like a smooth path or a bumpy path? Do you want your path to slope uphill or downhill? Would you like to walk or run? Oh, and by the way, the path has no beginning and no end. You can travel in either direction. Just remember that if you turn around and try to go back, you can, but the path will not be where you came from, it will always be new.

So how do you decide on a path? Outlined below are some hints, some general guidelines, hat illustrate how this path works. What it does as it unfolds under your feet. But remember, you create it as you go. It is yours. You can share all of it, parts of it or go it completely alone. It is all up to you. If, at any point you don't like where it's going, you can change its' direction. It's always up to you. A flat path is just that, it's flat. It will take you somewhere, but it is flat; no vistas, no mountains, no valleys ‐ just flat. Downhill paths may be easy for a while but, you have to be careful, if you continue downhill for too long the light will begin to fade. You may end up so far down that it becomes difficult to see any light; which is ok, if you like it dark. On the other hand, uphill paths can be challenging but you will generally have plenty of rewards, lots of brilliant light and even a few good vistas from time to time.

Your path may be straight or littered with twists and turns. Corners are always fun, especially when you

are moving quickly and they can render beautiful surprises and unique gifts. It really is quite a remarkable path; if you just take notice. The key, is that the more you take notice of ‐ the more you see.

As you increase the amount you see, you are miraculously presented with more to see. For example, when you take the time to stop and smell the flowers, more flowers will show up ‐ amazing! The more you enjoy the trail, the more happiness will accompany you as you move along.

It's a magnificent trail. A path of unlimited possibilities. Sometimes you can see glimpses of where the path is going, but other times ‐ it is impossible to see around the next corner. Only one thing about this path is certain; it is your path. What you experience on this road is really up to you. It can be fun and full of adventure and excitement; or boring and littered with hardship and pain. You choose where it will go. You set the pace. You decide how tough or how easy it will be. It is solely your creation. So, where will your path go? Hmmm ... delicious isn't it?

Article and photograph provided by The AWE Project; a social enterprise whose mission is to Awaken Wellness Everywhere.

The AWE Project hosts a weekly S.O.A.R. Guided Meditation session that is often held at the Yoga Kula Co-op.

A group of like-minded, pioneering souls come together each week to elevate each other to new heights. Ready to explore what's missing from life? IF, then these meditations may be for you.

Check out the schedule here. The first session is always FREE.

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