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Partner Yoga: It's Not Just for Couples

Alicia & Laura

By Bobby Bessey

Practicing with a partner is a fun way to deepen, expand and energize your yoga practice. Choosing to share your yoga with someone special can be a bonding experience, helping you connect and expand your relationship in a powerful way. When you do postures with another person you surrender to your partner's adjustments and support while tuning in to their body language and breath.

Partner yoga allows you to transcend your physical connection and move toward a mental and energetic exchange. This can take any number of forms depending on who your partner is. Partner yoga comes in many forms. Mom and Baby and Family Yoga are particularly beautiful examples of partner yoga in action. For couples, partner yoga is an opportunity to use the asana to develop trust, communication and intimacy through touch and movement. Partner yoga is also lots of fun to do with friends and family members. Whatever your relationship it serves to enhance your appreciation of all that your partner has to offer both on and off the mat. Try adding a fun element to your Valentine's Day this year by practicing yoga with someone you love.

Join Alicia Bailey and Laura Murray this Valentines Day for a special Partner Yoga class at Yoga Kula Co-op. Click here for more information and registration details.

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