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Aquarian Sadhana
with Lorrie McLachlan

Sunday mornings: 6 - 8 am

April 5, 2015


Come bathe in the sacredness of the early ambrosial hours and nourish yourself with the energy of the rising sun. This is the time of day when we are most receptive to deepening our connection to ourselves as well as the world around us.


Join us as we flow through an hour of Kundalini Yoga followed by an hour of chanting beautiful, meditative mantras.


Free yoga class - everyone welcome.


Doors will open at 5:50 am.


Email Lorrie at for more information.

40 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Angela Peloso


This training will take place over two weekends in June:


Friday 5th - 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th - 8:30am to 5pm


Friday 12th - 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th - 8:30am to 5pm


The 40 Hour training will be a rich exploration to inform the personal study as well as teaching skills of each student.  Students will learn the joys of restorative yoga through first-hand experience of the postures, and will also learn hands on experience in how to teach students of all levels.  Also, students will learn the Ayurvedic, physiological, emotional, and biomechanical elements of each pose.


An extensive repertoire of beginner as well as advanced postures will be passed on to students with the detail necessary to bring depth and life changing benefits to students.  How to set up the postures in detail, as well as modify for a class with less props will be explored.  This training fulfills the Yoga Alliance requirements Continuing Education.


Visit Andrea's website for more details on the course curriculum.


Andrea Peloso discovered yoga at the age of 15 and has taught since 2002. Her teaching has brought her across Canada, as well as the United States and Japan.  Find out more about Andrea on her website and check out these student testimonials.


Investment:   $850.00 + HST 

A $30 fee is  also charged at the time that you submit your project for certification which includes mailing, certification, detailed assessment, and follow up.



Yin Yoga Workshop with Helena Butler

Sunday, March 8, 2015

2 - 4 pm


This 2 hour Yin Yoga Workshop, suitable for all levels, will acquaint the participant with the purpose and practice of Yin through a variety of poses. Pose options will be offered to suit each body. Additional props will be available.


Yin yoga  is a quiet practice of deep release.  Using long held floor postures to relax the muscles and release tension from the connective tissues of the body, yin yoga helps to increase flexibility, improve range of motion, restore energy flow and create ease in the body and mind.  Suitable for all levels of practice, including beginners.  


Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. They are also designed to improve the flow of  subtle energy said to run through the meridian pathways of 

the body. Improved energy flow improves organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of one's inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.

Yin yoga is not intended as a complete practice in itself, but rather as a complement to more active forms of yoga and exercise. 




Check out Helena's bio here.

Investment:    $40 - Preregister

Inquire:    Email Helena at for more details 

Register:    Email

DETOX YOGA: Tear Out the Toxins
with Lorrie McLachlan

Saturday, March 14, 2015

1 - 3 pm


Special 2 hour class to flush and eliminate toxins out of your body, mind and spirit.


*Squeeze, push, pull, twist your way to vibrant health.

*Clear your mind of mental parasites and garbage from the past.

*Free the spirit from self-imposed restraints.


Powerful yoga cleanse using the potent force of Kundalini Yoga. We will focus on cleansing the body through stimulating the systems of detoxification.


Special emphasis will be placed on detoxing the body through the liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive tract and lymphatic system. The use of dynamic movement, breath, mantra and meditation will be our detoxing tools of choice.


Powerful cleansing meditation will be included to detox the mind. This meditation is considered to the be highest and most powerful meditation in Kundalini Yoga to completely cleanse the mind from all obstacles, patterns and emotional baggage that are stopping you from creating the life you want.


This is your time for a fresh start…


$35/person  (Preregistration required)


Contact Lorrie at to register.

Restorative Yoga Workshop with Helena Butler

Sunday, March 15, 2015

2 - 4 pm


Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. Restorative yoga poses boost the immune system and are beneficial to the entire body. It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. It can also help you recover from illness and injury or overcome emotional tension and anxiety.


It is known that restorative yoga can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which enables automatic control of the body. As such, the regular nervous system will be at rest, and the muscles will become more relaxed. Constant practice of restorative yoga will make your body less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses and help you achieve optimal health.




Valentines Day Partner Yoga
with Alicia Bailey & Laura Murray


"A Journey Through the Chakras" Workshop with Lorrie McLachlan

Saturday, January 24, 2015

1 - 5pm


Come join us for an afternoon of exploration as we take a ride through our energy centers using Kundalini Yoga as our guide. The chakras represent the complete spectrum of the human experience and allow us to reach our full potential.


This 4 hour workshop will help you:

-  Demystify the chakras and learn their relevance in your daily life

-  Discover where your blocks are in your energy system and transform them into a new and inspired YOU

-  Powerful Kundalini Yoga sets to really move the energy within you and raise you to a higher vibration

-  Use the power of sound through chanting mantras to heal and balance you on every level

-  Reflective journal writing to further integrate the process of your unfolding



Bridging the Gap; Between Your Meditation Cushion and Your "To Do" List with Leslie Bridger

You know what it's like to be in a calm, peaceful, all-knowing space while you're meditating, but you're not always sure how to remain in this state of grace as you live your day-to-day life...or whether it's even possible.  Leslie Bridger is a living example that YES it can be done and, as a result, she is much more productive, effective and efficient than ever. Join Leslie as she shares her story, about how she almost died in order to reach this place...AND that you don't have to!  In this workshop, Leslie will share simple tools to help you stay connected to your Essence, ensuring that your inner light and guidance system are on as you move through your daily activities in the physical world, so that you too can get more done by doing less!


Leslie Bridger had a near-fatal bicycle accident in June 2005 and is alive and well today because of Love, Laughter, Hugs and Miracles!!! She is so grateful to be alive that her website is her way of giving back, helping people to deepen their connections with, and love for, themselves, others and Mother Earth.

This workshop will introduce the powerful yet easy to do yogic practice of Yoga Nidra or “Sleep of the yogi”.  This ancient practice was further developed and adapted for our times by Richard Miller, PhD of Integrative Restoration Institute.


Workshop will begin with short discussion of causes and effects of stress in our lives; introduces a short stress relieving sequence of yoga poses, and concludes with 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra. During this practice all you are asked to do is to lie down (or sit) in a comfortable position, listen, and connect with the feelings and sensations in your body/mind.


Whether you are new to this practice or have done it many time before you will reap benefits and take away tools for dealing with stress.


Power of Stress & Relaxation with Milena
Kickstart Cleansing with Thara Vayali


Yoga Kula Co-op is so happy that Thara has offered to hold such a wonderful workshop during her visit to St. John's this summer! 


Learn the how-to for cleansing, receive a plan for a 4-Day Cleanse that is refreshing, nourishing and will leave you feeling your best. Become empowered, inspired and informed on ways you can feel better on the inside and look even better on the outside. Cleanse your body with breath and movement through a simple detoxing yoga class and share an attainable 4 day diet and lifestyle cleanse. Let yourself shine inside & out. (This is for everyone).


Dr. Thara Vayali, ND is a Naturopath & Yoga Teacher in Vancouver. She is smitten with the body and its mysterious connections to the mind, the spirit and actions. As a doctor, she is obsessed with intestinal and immune health, hormones, and pain-free bodies. As a yoga teacher for 13 years, she comes to the mat with a sense of rooted joy, fluidity and inner space. She is foremost a teacher and loves to share her knowledge through engaging, light-hearted and informative workshops that weave yoga and medicine into take home tools to better your health. Visit her website to learn more about Thara!

Strengthen & Restore Your Pelvic Floor


This 2 hour workshop is all about your pelvic floor! We’ll be learning what the *real* root cause of pelvic floor disorder is, and how to restore health and function to your pelvic floor. (hint: it’s NOT kegels!) Open to women and men to help a variety of different issues. 



Postnatal Recovery, Core and Pelvic Floor


This 2 hour workshop will be all about getting your body working the way you want it to after having a baby (even if your "baby" is 7 years old!) We'll be talking about the pelvic floor, how to stop leaks and keep it healthy and functioning for a lifetime. We'll also be talking about the core, and learning what to do (and what not to do) for a healthy, toned stomach. If you're peeing when you sneeze and you're still in your maternity pants this is the class for you!

About Jillian:

After the delivery of my daughter, it was 10 days before I could stand again, 5 weeks before I could sit normally, and MONTHS before I was able to move like the 27 year old I was.  It became clear to me that although I had been extremely fit, my body wasn’t working the way it was supposed to.  Then I found the Restorative Exercise™ program, and felt like I had unearthed some kind of treasure.  Here was a way for me to get my own health back and an opportunity to spend my time helping other people increase their well being, too.


Now, as a certified Restorative Exercise™ specialist and certified Healthy Foot practitioner, I am dedicated to helping others learn about the impact of movement patterns on their health, to move better, and to overcome whatever’s been standing in their way of having a healthy, pain-free body.  It’s my mission in life to tell everyone that what we consider “normal aging” of the body is not inevitable, that pain doesn’t have to be a part of everyday life, and that many diseases can be prevented and even reversed without drugs or invasive surgeries.  It’s not the passage of time that makes our bodies feel old and tired, rather, it’s HOW we’re moving through that time. 

Coming this September!

Andrea Peloso Workshop Series!

Register for individual sessions, or all for only $255. When registering for 4 classes get $20 off.

Happy Hips and Pelvis Workshop

2 hour workshop $40+HST

Thurs, September 14, 7-9pm


The Four Sides of the Lungs:  An evening of candle light Restorative.  2 hour workshop $40+HST

Friday September 15, 7-9:00pm


How to make your Back Feel better:  Lower/Mid Back and Pelvis

Yoga moves and Bio-mechanics to bring back ease

3 hour workshop $60+HST

Saturday September 16 1-4pm


Handstands for Everybody: 

Handstands are fun, great exercise and relieve depression on cold days.  They can be slowly mastered in just a few minutes a day. 

Come out, have fun and learn! 

2 hour workshop $40+HST

Saturday September 16 7-9


How to make your back feel better:  Upper and Mid back.  Learn backbends and other practices that leave you feeling pain free.  This is a safe space where you will not be pushed to do deep back-bends!

3 hour workshop $60+HST

Sunday September 17, 1-4pm


Ayurveda 101: 

Come out, get cozy and learn about the basic principles of Ayurveda and how they can enrich your life and health

2 hour workshop $40+HST

Sunday, September 17, 6-8pm


Contact with inquiries. Register now to hold your spot.

Andrea Peloso discovered yoga as a young teen and has been teaching for 15 years.  Her teaching has brought her across Canada, as well as the United States and Japan.

Andrea has over 1700 hours of yoga training and more than 720 hours of study with Judith Lasater, of whom she is an assistant.  She also has studied with Ramanad Patel, and has hundreds of hours of study with many senior and accomplished teachers.  Andrea has a degree with honours in Philosophy and Women's Studies and has studied Eastern and Indian Philosophy.

Andrea has an energetic, gentle and caring teaching style and seeks to make her classes highly educational, fun, safe and inclusive.

About Andrea Peloso

Join us for an intimate concert of Sherry Ryan's songs and stories. Sherry is a yoga teacher at Kula and an award winning songwriter, currently recording her fourth album. 

This is a fundraiser for our studio. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door to reserve tickets

At Yoga KULA Co-op (Coakers Meadow Plaza)
Saturday Nov 4th
Doors open 7:30 pm
Includes tea and snacks!


We hope you can make it!

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