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See SCHEDULE for most up-to-date class listing. Click class name for description.


Rates and registration instructions vary per instructor.

Please contact individual instructors for specific information regarding their classes.

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Class Descriptions

The Elevated Experience

Lea Coultas - The Elevated Experience

class comes with its own unique experience as the playlists are never repeated. And all her class playlists are available on Spotify so you can enjoy the music from home. Each class contains movements such as: Gentle Stretching & Yoga, Mobility Exercises, Low/High Impact Aerobics, Free Dance

Lea's classes contain both guided movement & the freedom to move in your own way. It is HIGHLY encouraged to go at your own pace & do what feels right in your body at any given time. Let Lea ELEVATE your EXPERIENCE through music & movement. You can find Lea on Instagram & Facebook under The Elevated Experience where she posts regularly about upcoming classes & pop-up events. Contact Lea via email at

Mixed Level Yoga


This class balances the qualities of effort and ease in compassionate self-awareness, while preparing you for some of the more challenging classes. Gentle warm-ups will soothe the body and subsequent postures will focus on easing tension, increasing flexibility and strength, as well as connecting breath and movement. This class is appropriate for individuals with some yoga experience and who are comfortable exploring more intense sensation. To register contact

Pre-Natal Yoga

These calming and strengthening prenatal classes are designed to optimize expectant mothers’ physical and mental health while promoting the bond between mother and child. Breathing exercises are emphasized throughout the class to calm the mind, and prepare the body for delivery. Poses are modified to accommodate Mom’s blossoming figure at each stage of pregnancy, each is carefully chosen to stretch and strengthen muscles needed to support the body during pregnancy and childbirth. The class ends with a relaxation period. The instructor leads a guided meditation that not only relaxes and nourishes the body and mind, but gives Moms the time to focus and truly enjoy this short and special time with their child. Expectant moms from 12 weeks to delivery are best suited for this class. This class is also an opportunity to share experiences with other expectant moms.


To register for this class contact Find her bio on the Instructors page. Her pre-registered sessions usually fill.

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